Body Of Work

Romantic Karst is inspired by surroundings and landscapes.The glimmer of the oceans surface, hollow winter trees, frosty sun rises, glistening rain drops, intriguing rockpool caves and eroded coastal cliffs.

Colour has been inspired by dusk and dawn.
Flushed with pinks and washed away with whites, as well as
explosions of frosted blues and delicate mauves.

The intricate printed textile has been made using white Polyester crepe that has been digitally printed with
ink and water coloured artwork.

Delicate felted sections are placed throughout the length, made from combinations of silk and wool tops. Organic laser cut motifs are surrounded by gems that are washed throughout the piece.

Island Boheme

A meeting place between my love of minimal, simplistic cuts and modern eclectic prints.

1. Create a print suitable for swimwear. Taking inspiration
from the accompanied mood boards as well as your own influences.


2. Background colour needs to make a TPX ref colour chart. Please ensure all layers of finished print can be edited. 

Ensure the designs are suitable for the
age group intended and reflect the
Island Boheme-beachy-minimal personality

Body Of Work
Colour has been inspired by deep stillness. Flushed with cold navy and powder blues. Washed away with

hollow coals. Highlights of peachy hues sit along
side explosions of metallic gold.

The intricate printed leotard and textile length have been made using shiny white lycra and white polyester crepe. Both Fabrics have been digitally printed with resin art detailing.

Delicate foiled sections are scattered throughout the textiles.The accompanied tutu is made from a sheer organza. Organic burnt surface treatments create unique shapes through the reflection of light. Elegant hand dyed tulle hides underneath the organza to create volume and body.

Indi Pole

We know you are passionate about pole, so you need pole wear that lifts you up, inspires you and makes you feel like the strong, beautiful woman that you are. We choose bright prints and colours in expertly tailored styles so you feel amazing when you dance.

Hero Design. Create an artwork made up of a seamless print
in the style of "Emma", we love your artwork and designs.
Use your own inspiration to come up with a bright,
colourful and waterpaint-style print. .


Options. Develop a range of colourways to choose from


Spell & The Gypsy Collective is a modern-bohemian fashion brand, known for their intricate and original textile designs. We would love to see what you would create when given an artwork brief for Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Part One. Create an artwork made up of a seamless print
and a placement border. The artwork should take
inspiration from the attached mood board.


Part Two. Develop two colourways of your artwork


JAGGAD’s purpose is to empower women to
live an active and healthy lifestyle, with confidence.

Capsule 1. A three-piece range with a strong reference to the JAGGAD DNA, inclusive of artwork on the
JaggadClassic 7/8 Tights, with a “leopard” theme


Capsule 2. A 3-4-piece range with a strong reference
to the JAGGAD DNA, to be dropped in AW19.
Include a colour board and mood
board on your chosen theme


Arrow Divine

The Arrow Divine range represents the power and beauty of nature and authenticity, and each piece is lovingly created using crystals, feathers and natural materials.  Arrow Divine complements bohemian and coastal luxe attire perfectly and exudes mother natures beautiful energy. 

1. Create 2 patterns to reflect the
feel and style of Arrow Divine.


2. Take inspiration from Aztec prints,
water paint textures. and Ikat influences.


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