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Uni Assignment
Final Folio

Plume: “A long cloud of smoke or vapour resembling a feather or dance as it moves freely from its point of origin”
"as he spoke, the word was accompanied
by a white plume of breath"

Beautiful in movement, action and emotion.
Plume – Impromptu Motion is inspired by captured movement. Graceful interactions between the dancer and the fabric create dynamic isolation. The way the artwork dances on the fabric and the way the fabric dances across the room. Mesmerising.



Body Of Work
Colour has been inspired by deep stillness. Flushed with cold navy and powder blues. Washed away with

hollow coals. Highlights of peachy hues sit along
side explosions of metallic gold.

The intricate printed leotard and textile length have been made using shiny white lycra and white polyester crepe. Both Fabrics have been digitally printed with resin art detailing.

Delicate foiled sections are scattered throughout the textiles.
The accompanied tutu is made from a sheer organza. Organic burnt surface treatments create unique shapes through the reflection of light. Elegant hand dyed tulle hides underneath the organza to create volume and body.