Tucked away down on the Mornington Peninsula, with the smell of sea salt in the air, hidden under the tea tree, you will find the most magical little studio.

A space where dreams are turned into creations and dogs are forever searching for belly rubs.

The place where AMBR. is created.

AMBR.’s vision is to create unique performance and swim wear that not only feels great on but motivates and inspires the athlete within. Aiming to create sustainable garments suitable for the gym, the dance studio, the beach and the everyday grind.

AMBR. born in 2016, is a brand for the sun chaser, the dream maker and the booty shaker.


to my world.

AMBR. as a brand is described as eclectic, fun, bold, bright and wonderful. All designs are unique and hand painted by founder Emma Shanahan. Emma’s experience and knowledge gained in the fitness and pole industry has enabled her to create garments that have the perfect fit, shape and style for all dancers. Encompassing both the fashionable and functional elements of design in each creation.

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