Working Towards
Minimal Waste Manufacturing

AMBR. works with offshore manufacturers to make smarter choices about the materials that are being used for each AMBR. creation.

Practices of minimal waste are incorporated during the entire manufacturing process. From the initial stages of planning and designing, to the printing, garment construction and complete package.



Our paper designs are transformed into fabric using the method of dye-sublimation.

This process is the most environmentally friendly, sustainable process possible in garment printing and production. It produces ZERO waste! Because the process involves turning a solid directly to a gas, there is no water needed for dyeing.


Our pole and swimwear line is made from recycled polyamides and polyester sourced from PET bottles and waste fibres.

Converting PET into recycled polyester uses less water and energy that it would to produce virgin polyester


Compression garments are a combination of sportswear and fashion technology in todays fashion industry. Materials are knitted using a seamless process that improves the durability and lifetime of each product.

Seamless production means zero waste. Each product is made to exact specifications, removing the need for cutting, and excess waste.



Our swing tags are created using the method of digital printing. Digital printing and dry toners are regarded as an environmentally friendly and affordable way to print.

The toner used is non-toxic whilst also having a high efficiency transfer rate meaning very little waste is produced.

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